You Are A Pink Starburst

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Stop letting yourself be treated like a yellow starburst, remember you are a pink starburst! 

This design is going to challenge you to start taking care of yourself. To take a moment to drink your coffee hot. To sit back one evening and relish your favorite book. Or maybe just go fall asleep on your bed early one night and let everything else take care of its self. (Within reason of course, I understand many of us have young ones! Lol) It's going to challenge yourself to look inside and embrace the beautiful and wonderful woman you are. To begin to make positive changes towards the way that you think about yourself. 

That's Yellow Starburst Thinking...

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Standing in front of the mirror wishing I could loose those last 5 pesky pounds from my last pregnancy. No longer do I have that toned body from spending hours in the gym. Now no mater how many crunches I do that belly flab won't go away. It probably doesn't help that my boys love to get ice cream every weekend in the summer!

As a mom my life is filled with meeting the needs of my family. ALL THE TIME. I've wondered at the end of the week "When was the last time I took a shower?" I've looked at photos of myself and not loved what I've seen. That's all yellow starburst thinking!

You Are A Pink Starburst! Why? Because you are beautiful, amazing, talented, funny, and one of the greatest women I know! You! Yes, I'm talking to you!!!! It doesn't matter if you've had three kids and lost your fab abs you had in college. It doesn't matter if the last time you brushed your teeth was two days ago. What matters that deep inside you are a diamond. And it's time to stop treating yourself (or letting others treat you) like the yellow starbursts that we all eat last. It's time to remember that you are a Pink Starburst!

This shawl design is packed with reminders that you are special. Simple mesh lets the light shine through you. Diamond lace stitches remind you that you are priceless and precious, more than diamonds! Then there are 34 points along the shawl edge to give you 34 reasons for why you are amazing, and extraordinarily special!  

As you knit You Are A Pink Starburst I want you to start believing that you are beautiful and special as you knit this shawl.