A knitwear design is a journey. It is more than just a pattern to follow. Each pattern will take you on a transformational journey. The results will leave you with a beautiful hand-knitted garment that symbolizes your personal experiences.


my Mission

I want you to always remember that YOU CAN! I design patterns that are achievable & that will empower you with better knitting skills. My patterns will never bore you! They contain a pinch of TV knitting, a smidgen of a challenge, and a generous dash of transformation. I believe you can knit, do, accomplish, dream, anything you want! 

I feel so renewed when I knit! You inspire me to be a better knitter! To think of the stories I weave into my knitwear!
— Amanda, Little Bitty Delights
Naomi, I just want to say I love the tidiness of your pattern. It has made my life easier because I get so easily distracted!!! But I’m loving how everything is so neat and organized! So thanks! Also I’m making this shawl for my mother. We used to watch Gilmore Girls together every week. This shawl [I Smell Snow] makes me remember all those good times watching the show with her.
— Kam, Handknit By Kam

Naomi Grace Designs believe...

  • Knitting is transformational.
  • Shawls are warm woolly hugs. 
  • Healing power of knitting.
  • Designs are more than just patterns. Designs are beautiful messages knitted up into fabric.
  • Knitting is my superpower! 
  • Knitting is an experience. It is a journey.
  • Always find the silver lining. 
  • Knitting should always be enjoyable.