Crescent Shawl Knitting Pattern-Whispers In The Wind

Coping With Imperfection

How do you deal with failure? Or rather, what do you do when things don't quite work out how you want them to? Do you get frustrated but keep going or do you throw in the towel? Maybe you take a short time out but then you jump back in.

I'll admit...I'm not really good at going ahead with things when I think I might fail. The fear is real real! I over think things and will sometimes physc myself out of doing something if I don't have all the pieces lined up perfectly. But I'm learning to overcome these short comings. I'm working on taking action anyways inspire of my fears of not having things perfect. I'm working on just giving it a try even though the action is imperfect.

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How does this relate to knitting? Well, for one, my next design is going to be dealing with these fears. Second, I know often procrastinating on writing because I envision myself sitting down with a hot cup of coffee, in a quite house, and letting all my creative thoughts flow. LETS GET REAL! When was the last time I drank a hot cup off coffee without warming it up five times! A quiet house? Yeah, that flew out the window five years ago when my son was born! (Hehe)

Imperfect Action Is Still Action


Sometimes those thoughts of "I just can’t" threaten to overwhelm me. I just don’t even want to try because the potential failure. Apparently it’s not called imposter syndrome. That fear that holds you paralyzed and standing still not taking action because of all of your reasoned excuses. But that’s just what they are…excuses! I’ve learned a lot from Chelsea Fitch and Fiber Boss College. She said something the other day in a live facebook chat. She challenged us to take imperfect action. And that’s what I’ve been challenging myself to do lately.  Imperfect action…is still action. It’s humorous that this was a discussion right before the launch of my new pattern.

Whispers In The Wind because this was my first design….ever! That’s right, it was my first design….but I chickened out on publishing it because I didn’t have everything perfect. So I put it off and designed the Sunlit Autumn shawl and that was my first published design. Since last April I have gained confidence, learned about designing and running a business--taken action steps. Even though they weren't perfect.

About The Knitting Pattern


Whispers In The Wind shawl was inspired by the stronghold of the colorful layered rock formations that arise from the desert in northern Arizona—The Painted Desert. I remember as a teenager standing on a desert bluff overlooking the vast emptiness. My emotions in tumbles but soon the peace and tranquility of the desert surrounded me. Stirring my soul. I would gaze into the heavens as the sun fell to the horizon and feel the cool evening breeze shiver up my arms. Close my eyes, breathe in the warmth of the day and the coolness of the night, and trust that life will be ok.

Yarn & Needle Requirements

Knit in a bamboo/cotton blend, this easy to knit crescent shawl will be your go to summer wrap. Perfect for the warm summer days and cool nights, the cotton yarn will drape perfectly around your sun-kissed skin.

If you know you will be wanting to knit this one here are they yarn requirements so you can prep for them. This shawl uses Sample uses two skeins of Mary Gavan Yarns Desert (50% Organic Cotton, 50% Bamboo; 475 yards / 434 meters/ skein); In the colorways “Swirl” (a motley/variegated skein) and “Dusty Silver” (a shiny silvery white). US size 6 (4mm) 32 inch circular or larger or size needed for gauge. Optional beading uses approx. 250 6/0 beads and a #10 crochet hook. You can purchase Mary Gaven Yarns here. Or you can find other bamboo/cotton blends here and here.

You can purchase the Whispers In the Wind Shawl on Ravelry.

Extras Included In Knitting Pattern Purchase

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What about you? Do you wait for perfect conditions or do you just jump in and start? When you are confronted with a new pattern that you really want to knit but you don't know all the techniques what can you do? (In my new pattern release I'll be helping you out with this!) Take a step in the right direction and find a tutorial to teach your self the new techniques. You might be surprised at the results.