Where a design more than just a pattern. It is a transformational journey!  

Naomi Grace

Naomi Grace

Hi! my name is Naomi Grace. I design patterns that are achievable & that will empower you with better knitting skills. My patterns will never bore you! They contain a pinch of TV knitting, a smidgen of a challenge, and a generous dash of transformation. I believe you can knit, do, accomplish, dream, anything you want!

When you knit a Naomi Grace Design I want you to experience the beautiful moments of everyday life. The dew drops on roses, fractured autumn sunlight, and the cold magical moment before it snows. 


About Naomi Grace Designs

Naomi Grace Designs inspire and motivate you to while you knit. You will find slow healing and transformative knits. All designs come with pattern support and have been tech edited and test knitted. 

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Explore easy intuitive knits that you will love! Find timeless pieces that will ignite personal transformation as you knit them. Lovely shawls and small accessories that will capture the beauty of your most treasured skeins.

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