The Results Of A Dare: Free Shopping Guide

Last week I took a dare to do a livestream. It was the first one I’ve done in a long time. The past couple months have been super stressful and lots of stuff on my plate so I’ve slacked on some of the key elements of connecting with my tribe. During the livestream I showed off my messy messy stash! There is so much good yarn in there but I can’t access most of it without causing the entire stash to come tumbling down. It ends up being to much work to pull out a skein to work from so I end up buying new yarn when I haven’t used what I already love and own. Now the quantity is just getting out of hand!


Granted, I’m a designer so I can excuse away some of the quantity away...but even at that I frequently end up buying based on new inspiration. I’d really love to actually use some of the yarn that I’ve invested in!


I created a Shopping Guide (get it here) to help keep track of what you have and what you'd like to have to create a well rounded stash. 

Then I was thinking that it might be helpful to go through our stashes together as a sort of morale support. So in January I’m going to run a 5 Day Love Your Stash Challenge to start your new year off with an organized stash! This challenge will help you have a stash you love & brings you joy. Would you be interested in participating in this challenge? Start your New Year by checking off a resolution right away!