Day 1

Today’s Challenge: Go through your yarn stash by weight; fingering, sport, worsted, bulky, and ask yourself “Does this skein bring me joy?”

Do it all in one day! Trust me, when you are done you will LOVE your stash and want to knit from it. DON'T skip this step!!!! We all have a few purchases that we wish we could have a redo on. It's important to purge at this stage because you're going to be displaying all your beautiful treasured skeins! You want to make room for them (and your new purchases) so let go of the ones that don't bring you absolute joy.  

  1. Pick up each skein and ask yourself if you love it and does it bring you joy! If the answer is no put it into the pass it on pile. If yes, then put in in the pile that brings you joy. Remember you’re asking yourself if it brings you joy not “do I love this?” (For me I’ve had some tangled faux fur that I know I will never use, it gets tossed. I have some acrylic yarn that I’ve been saving for “when I teach someone to knit” but this violates me values! I love using natural fibers and if I’m teaching someone I want to teach them to love and appreciate good yarn.)
  2. Pack away into tubs any yarn you were unsure about. Discard any yarn that is unusable and immediately remove the yarn that you want to giveaway or list for sale online. (Try selling your destash on social media!)

Day 2

Don't you love the feeling you get after working so hard to accomplish a goal? You've done it! You now have a stash that you know you'll love to knit from...and best of all it brings you 100% joy! Now when you go to buy yarn you won’t have that guilty feeling that you really shouldn’t buy more. You know you’ll only be buying what you need or adding only what brings a smile to your face.

Just take a moment and enjoy that lovely pile of yarn you have!

Now it’s time for today’s challenge prompt: Make a quick go through of your knitting magazines, books, printed patterns, needles, and notations in the same way you did your yarn.

Aaand yes, you must go through all those printed patterns that you've already knit or will never knit! Ask yourself “Does this printed pattern bring me joy?” Or does it drag you down because you have to find a way to store it?

Again, discard anything that is unusable and donate or list the items that don’t bring you joy. Then display the magazines, books, notations, in a beautiful & organized way. (See my pinterest board for inspiration.)

Going through this purging process is important. It may be difficult! It will be hard to let go of all those purchases that no longer bring you joy! But you must. You must remember that you are accomplishing your goal to have an organized stash that you love to knit from! 

Make sure that you have gone through all your yarn and knitting supplies because tomorrow we’ll be putting it all back together and you’ll get to the fun part of displyaying all your lovely treasures!

Day 3

These past two days have been intense haven’t they?

Going through your things can be very difficult but you did it! It’s time to celebrate. I promise today is going to be soooo much easier!

It’s time for Day 3 of the Stash Love Challenge. Yay!

I hope you realize what an accomplishment you have made these past two days! Going through your stash is difficult but you did it! You know that all the skeins, books, printed patterns, needles, and notations you have bring you joy. Take a moment and remembering why you loved all the skeins that you chose to keep! It’s kind of like sitting down for coffee with an old friend and catching up. You remember all the lovely things that you loved about them.

Haven’t finished yet? Go back and start there! Remember you are giving that lovely wool room to breathe and at the end of the challenge you’ll have a stash you love!

Now, it’s time for the Day 3 challenge. It's easy I promise you!!!!

Login to Pinterest, and search “Yarn Display” (you can also go to my pinterest board for some inspiration) Create your own board and start pinning all the ways to display yarn that make you happy! Take a glance at how to display notations and your books and magazines too and decide what ways will work best for you. Dream! Today is all about dreaming! What would you ideally LOVE to have for displaying your yarn and notations? Ultimately you want to be able to know where your yarn is and be able to enjoy it!

That's it!!!!! Day 3 is done and you are that much closer to your goal to having an organized stash! 

Did you find anything inspiring on Pinterest? Maybe you went shopping and found a lovely basket to put your yarn in! Today you’re going to take that stash and display your treasures so you can enjoy them.

Today’s Challenge Prompt: Display the yarn you love in a beautiful way! Create a Pinterest board if you haven't already for inspiration then choose a way to display your yarn in a way that fits you and your lifestyle. Start small!

If you don't have the perfect storage/organization solution right now. Take some time to create an action plan to get you there.

Sample Action Plan:
By January 31st I will have an antique armoire to organize my yarn and notations. By having this solution I will have a beautiful display of yarn that will encourage me to knit more often. 
(Replace the underlined with your own goals and reasons. By date I will have storage solution to organize my goals By having this solution I will how you will feel about achieving your goal.)

Then choose three action steps that will help you achieve your dream storage solution:

  1. Search Craigslist and Facebook market place for listings of antique armoires and hutches. 
  2. Take 1 day each week to search local thrift stores for armoires/hutches.
  3. Make a list of antique stores in my area to visit in my search. 

Whatever you decide, I encourage you to make a small nod to your dream! Display your yarn in a way that brings you joy and puts a smile on your face. DON'T let all your yarn suffocate in plastic tubs in your attic or basement! Make your storage solution fit you--you get to decide how you would love to see your stash displayed! But always remember to ask yourself does it bring you joy?

Now go make your action plan!

Day 4

Can you believe it? You’re finished! You made it! It's time to party!!!

You now have a stash brings you joy. A stash you love and want to use. Best of all you are now displaying your beautiful treasured yarn in a way that you can enjoy it every day this year!

I have a gift for you! I've written a free shopping guide to help you keep track of what you now have in your stash and what you need to fill in to have a complete stash with all the tools you need.

Today’s Challenge Prompt: Make a plan for the future. Use my free shopping guide check sheet and fill it in. This guide will empower you to shop with confidence and make purchases that you love.

You now have a manageable stash that you want to use! You’ve gotten rid of all those skeins that are leftovers of projects past. No longer are your skeins in a tangled mess. They are all beautifully displayed and each one brings you joy!

Remember to share your experience this week in the Facebook thread so we can support you!

Day 5