Knit Up A Bit Of Happiness With The Oregano Hat & Cowl

It's time for the second pattern in Herbed: The Seasonings Of Life!


I can't believe that it has been two weeks already since the release of the Thyme shawl. Today I have two patterns for you to enjoy knitting as you adjust to the fluctuating temperatures this time of year. This duo knits up quickly in a bulky weight yarn and is perfect for using your two favorite colors. 

This sweet duo will help bring a little spring into your life as you knit them. The origins and meaning of oregano is to bring happiness and joy into your life. In ancient times it was used medicinally to bring happiness, protection, and joy. Today, we know it to provide antioxidants and vitamins—no wonder it was thought to bring happiness and joy! It is most commonly known in cooking but it has a variety of health benefits.

The Oregano Hat & Cowl symbolize bringing happiness & joy into your life. It encourages you to enjoy the little moments in life & making the most from them. We can become so busy worrying about checking off our to-do’s that we often miss out on the beautiful small joyful moments that surround us everyday. But the great thing about knitting is that it requires you to think about each stitch taken and as you do you are reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment. 

Both the hat and cowl are worked in the round and feature a bud-like slipped stitch pattern with a lace body.  Choose two of your favorite colors of bulky yarn and alternate which one is the main color and coordinating color and you'll have enough to knit both accessories. Then wear the pair to bring rejuvenation and energy to your life as you prepare for spring.

You can get these patterns individually or purchase them as part of the collection. 


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8 Piece Knitwear Collection

The 8 piece collection features 4 shawls & 4 small accessories inspired by the meaning and culinary uses of herbs. Each piece in the collection will invite you to embrace the meaning of that particular herb in your life: to live life bravely, embrace happiness, marvel at the remarkable, appreciate wisdom & learning, be hospitable, & enjoy the affection of loved ones. Take a peak at the bonus photos included with the Oregano pattern:

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So, breathe new life into your knitting this spring with this collection inspired by herbs. Then embrace the flavors and of spring and the messages of these knits all year long.