Herbed: The Seasonings Of Life Thyme Shawl


In the ancient world thyme was associated with healing, bravery, and courage. A sprig of thyme was once used in roman times and the middle ages as a gift for men going into war. They would attach the sprigs as a visible sign of honor, bravery, and courage.

Today the relevance of the being courageous bears significance everyday. Courage may require you to speak out against wrongs. Courage may require you to face the challenges of your day when you feel like giving in. Living bravely means so many things. But when you knit this slow growing shawl you will learn to face your fears, your challenges, the monsters in your life with bravery.

The Thyme shawl will encourage the wearer to life life bravely regardless of your circumstances. In times of great need or trial we are called to step forward and live out our calling with courage. 

Knit the thyme shawl as you take steps to embrace bravery and courage in your life. Wrap in around your shoulders through the uncertain circumstances in your life. When you knit this shawl knit with the intention of bravery and courage.  


This asymmetrical triangle shawl features alternating sections of stockinette stripes, and a textured motif. A lacey leaf border is added at the end of the shawl and then then picked up and knit along the lower edge. The main body of the shawl works well with a variegated yarn.


Save With Purchase Of Entire Collection

This shawl is the first pattern in Herbed: The Seasonings Of Life. This collection is for the knitter who appreciates the seasons of her life and wants to knit designs with meaning.

The 8 piece collection features 4 shawls & 4 small accessories inspired by the meaning and culinary uses of herbs. Each piece in the collection will invite you to embrace the meaning of that particular herb in your life: to live life bravely, embrace happiness, marvel at the remarkable, appreciate wisdom & learning, be hospitable, & enjoy the affection of loved ones.


Bonus material included with the ebook!

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When you purchase the ebook you will get a beautifully formatted PDF bonus which includes: inspiring stories, gardening tips, and a favorite original recipe for each herb. 

When you purchase the entire collection your Ravelry library will be updated every two weeks through May 2018 with a new pattern for you to enjoy.

Although each pattern will be released individually you won't get the inspiring stories, gardening tips, or recipes unless you purchase the entire collection.

So, breathe new life into your knitting this spring with this collection inspired by herbs. Then embrace the flavors and of spring and the messages of these knits all year long.